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Transport, Public Administration & Safety

Transport, Public Administration & Safety

Transport, Public Administration & Safety in North Queensland

Townsville North Queensland is one of Australia’s prime strategic Defence regions, uniquely well positioned for mounting operations into South East Asia and the Pacific. With more than 15,000 defence personnel residing in Townsville, the city is home to one of the largest defence bases in the country.

Townsville North Queensland is competitively placed to become a leading location for global armed forces training, Defence training and simulation, joint amphibious force capability, and international military training. As such, a large portion of industry supporting the Defence industry are technical, specialist and logistical services such as instrumentation and controls, communications and vehicle maintenance and engineering.

The public safety sector is responsible for the prevention and protection of the general population from natural and other threats. North Queensland is in the tropics of the Southern Hemisphere and is occasionally subject to tropical cyclones, flooding, storm tided inundations and strong winds. Our emergency planning and services are among the most advanced in the world with the JCU Cyclone Testing Station and the CQU Emergency Response Innovation Centre located in Townsville.

Transport, Public Administration & Safety in North Queensland

NQ Spark

This $35M development will deliver a simulation and research facility as a catalyst to develop Defence and Science Industry presence in the North providing high paying, knowledge intensive employment opportunities.

It is being developed under the partnership of TropiQ, James Cook University, Townsville Hospital and Health Service, Townsville City Council and Queensland Government.

Emergency Response & Innovation Centre

CQUniversity has established the Emergency Response and Innovation Centre (ERIC), headquartered in Townsville. ERIC works with the emergency management sector and communities to create a more resilient Queensland through the development of innovative solutions and capacity building to better equip local communities and industry to plan for and respond to disaster and emergency management situations.

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Learn About Transport, Public Admin and Safety Careers

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Business Sectors

  • Defence
  • Public Administration
  • Public Order & Regulatory Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Air & Space Transport
  • Pipeline Transport
  • Road, Rail & Water Transport
  • Management of Roadway, Railways, Airways, Ports & Waterways

Industry Snapshot

The Public Administration and Safety industry makes the greatest contribution to economic output in the region, which at $6.1B accounts for 16.3% of total output. Organisations in this industry are mainly involved in:

  • Australian Defence Force
  • Police, fire and emergency management services
  • Transport of passengers by road, rail, water or air
  • Local government planning and administration
  • State & Local Government services such as post, communications, border protection and social services, as well as education, health, utilities, public transport, main roads, ports and public housing

Most of these employees have formal qualifications, 39% have a university qualification and 33% have a VET qualification.

Average earnings for the Public Administration and Safety sector are $1,600 per week, higher than the ‘all industries’ average of $1,200.

$1,800 Median Weekly Earnings
88.5% Employed Full-time (higher than average of 73%)
14.5% of the North Queensland Workforce
Share of employment by gender

Industry Outlook

Townsville Defence Community

The ABS 2021 confirmed Townsville is Australia’s largest garrison city with more than 15,000 current and former ADF personnel calling Townsville home, comprising 9,851 veterans and 5,557 current serving members. Townsville has also hosted the Veterans and Families Hub, supporting the veteran community since 2021. The ADF comprises the Navy, Air Force and Army and offers a broad range of career opportunities including engineering, medicine, catering, logistics, as well as combat and security.

Employment in Public Administration & Safety is projected to grow by 59,200 (6.4%) over the five years to 2026.

Women in Aviation / Aerospace Australia

Women in Aviation/Aerospace Australia (WA/AA) is an initiative to promote the issue of gender diversity and the participation of women within the aviation, aerospace and space sector in Australia and a network for women to connect with industry peers, inspire future generations to join the industry, and excel in their chosen careers.


Top Employing Occupations

  • Police
  • Fire and Emergency Workers
  • Intelligence and Policy Advisors
  • Contract, Program & Project Administrators
  • Drivers, Captains, and Pilots
  • Road, Sea and Air Traffic Control
  • Information Officers
  • Defence Personnel
  • Support Worker
  • Transport Engineer

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Find a Course or Traineeship

TAFE offers courses in Administration, Safety and technical certificates as well as support in sourcing apprenticeships and traineeships.

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JCU offers a range of courses from undergraduate, post graduate, on-line and short courses. Visit the JCU site for pathway and course information.


Defence Jobs provides information about jobs in the defence force as well as entry pathways and opportunities through the ADF Academy, University sponsorship, Future Innovators and STEM opportunities.


CQU offers courses supporting public administration and transport, as well s offering Certificate, diplomas and Masters courses specifically within the Emergency Management and Disaster Management field.


Queensland Police have two Academies, one based in Brisbane and the other in Townsville. Their website offers information about entry pathways for those interested in joining the police force.


Aviation Aerospace Australia supports developing careers across the aviation industry and provides Fundamentals Short Courses to get you started on your career path.


Queensland Government provides assist in finding apprenticeships and traineeships including those that are funded by the Queensland Government. Visit the Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS) or the DESBT website for information.

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MEGT is a great place to find currently advertised traineeships and apprenticeships in North Queensland.

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