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Construction & Engineering

Construction & Engineering

Construction Services in North Queensland

With more than $16B in infrastructure projects either underway or soon to commence, Townsville North Queensland’s construction industry has experienced, and is set to continue to experience, a period of strong growth with current figures suggesting the sector contributes more than $2.9 billion to the regional economy and employs over 22,000 locals.

With residential lot registrations growing by 66% in 2020, along with significantly expanding residential developments, the region is well positioned to see continued and sustained growth within the industry.

Construction Services in North Queensland

The Stats

$33Bn Pipeline Projects
$1.6Bn Value-add to regional economy annually
9,486 Construction jobs in NQ

Building Approvals by Value

1. $1.4Bn NQ Building Approvals 2022-2023
2. $1.1Bn Non-Residential Building Value
3. $361M Residential Building Value

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Business Sectors

  • Building Construction
  • Construction Services
  • Heavy & Civil Engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Survey & Drafting
  • Environment
  • Planning
  • Land Development

Industry Snapshot

Businesses in this industry are mainly involved in activities like:

  • demolition, clearing and site preparation
  • residential and non-residential building
  • heavy and civil engineering construction
  • other construction services

Many workers complete Vocational and Education Training through an apprenticeship or traineeship. Although a third of workers are employed in lower skilled jobs that do not need post school qualifications.

Most people with their main job in this industry work full-time.

Average earnings are $1,305 per week, higher than the ‘all industries’ average of $1,200.

$1,305 Median Weekly Earnings
92.8% Employed Full-time (higher than average of 73%)
10.2% of the North Queensland Workforce
Share of employment by gender

Industry Outlook

Several technological and policy changes are driving rapid change in the building construction industry. These include the growing use of prefabricated elements in construction, and an increasing demand for green and smart buildings. All construction professionals will need an understanding of sustainable building practices and the use of smart technologies.

(Source: Australian Industry and Skills Committee).

Employment in Construction Services is projected to grow by 66,400 (or 5.8%) over the five years to November 2026.

Given the size and the nature of its activities, the construction industry has a key role to play in achieving environmentally friendly and sustainable development in Australia. This includes detailing and describing measures put in place to address environmental issues.
Contractors in the construction industry now also deal specifically with erosion, waste materials and products, lack of water, energy and ecological issues.

Top Employing Occupations

  • Construction Managers
  • Project Managers & Administrators
  • Carpenters & Joiners
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Building & Plumbing Labourers
  • Architectural, Building & Surveying Technicians
  • Earthmoving Plant Operators
  • Bricklayers or Stonemasons
  • Plasterers & Concreters

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Find a Course or Traineeship

TAFE Queensland offers Building & Construction courses from Certificate to Diploma as well as support in sourcing apprenticeships and traineeships.

Visit TAFE Queensland

JCU offers a range of courses in Design, Construction and Engineering. Visit the university website for pathway and course information.


Tec-NQ is a registered training organisation delivering nationally accredited qualifications through the provision of full-time apprentice training, VET in Schools programs, short courses and training.

Visit Tec-NQ

CQ University offers courses in Construction and in Engineering from Cert 1 through to further degrees and educational qualifications.


MEGT is a great place to find currently advertised traineeships and apprenticeships in North Queensland.

Visit MEGT

Apprenticeships QLD is a website that directs trainees to field based apprenticeships in Queensland.

Visit Apprenticeships QLD

Queensland Government provides assist in finding apprenticeships and traineeships including those that are funded by the Queensland Government. Visit the Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS) or the DESBT website for information.

Visit QTIS

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