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Work in North Queensland

Home to 237,452 people, Townsville North Queensland supports 103,546 jobs and has an annual economic output of $34.6 billion.

Townsville North Queensland, known as the Second Capital of Queensland, is a thriving precinct offering land availability for business, living and leisure, abundant water, transport links to Asia-Pacific and Papua New Guinea, superfast communication technology such as the National Broadband Network (NBN) and a superb tropical lifestyle.

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Work in North Queensland
Population 237,452
Employment 103,546
Average Household Income $84K
GRP $17Bn
Unemployment 2.5%

Regional Breakdown

Townsville Burdekin Hinchinbrook Charters Towers
GRP $14.4Bn $1.2Bn $688M $762M
Median House Price $360K $215K $227K $184K
Total Employment 83,396 7,719 4,464 4,381
2021 Population 195,515 16,824 10,992 11,923
2041 Population Projection 282,281 17,310 8,780 12,403

Our Key Industries

Townsville North Queensland’s greatest strength is our diverse industry base, with no one sector making up more than 15% of our Gross Regional Product (GRP). Our region's strengths across several critical industries such as Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Defence, Construction and Tourism are the solid foundation on which a strong and growing economy has been based.

Employment by Industry

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